I’m 4 Kara Joy McKee for Tulsa City Council District 4. The city she wants to see is the city I want to live in.



Kara Joy has very diligently and unselfishly shared her knowledge, passion, and vision for a better Oklahoma with many different individuals. It was under KJ’s tutelage where I learned to serve and plan a better path for our neighbors. KJ’s influence runs through every level of government in Oklahoma. She will be the perfect person for the district 4 position as she is eager to learn and help Tulsa grow. A vote for KJ is a vote for one of Oklahoma’s finest. I am honored to support her work and call her a friend.



Proud to support my friend Kara Joy McKee for Tulsa City Council. After working closely together for three years at OKpolicy, I know she is passionate and committed to putting people over profits and good policy over politics. She is the type of progressive elected official citizens of Tulsa need and deserve!



Kara Joy is a tireless worker for our community and the issues that matter. She cares about our state, our neighborhoods, our city, and our people.



I decided to give my vote to Kara Joy McKee weeks ago when we met at an informal backyard party. Several of my friends had endorsed her, and I knew she had several years of experience at Oklahoma Policy Institute, an organization I highly trust. I started canvassing and phone banking for KJ right before school started, and I found out this morning, from her Dad, that she instituted a “no more styrofoam cups” program at her elementary school as a fifth-grader. This amazing woman has had her priorities front-and-center since she was ten. This is a human I can get behind 100%!



When I met Kara Joy on my doorstep, our conversation quickly led me to believe that she would represent my diverse interests and support education. As a teacher that means the world to me!



KJ is savvy, compassionate, smart, and kind. I’ve known her for years and am happy to call her a friend. She believes that open communication is the key to bringing folks together. I am happy to endorse KJ McKee for City Councilor, District 4!



I believe KJ is well rounded, qualified, and holds a unifying vision of what Tulsa can be now. She has experience working with people from all sides and gathering them to be a people for something instead of against one another. I’m ready for her accountability, transparency, and leadership!



Looking at KJ’s resume, it is striking that each new endeavor has had community service at its core and that she chooses to work on things that are genuinely important to her and flow from her heart. Another thing that is striking is her entrepreneurial spirit. She continuously pinpoints problems and can see the path to finding solutions



KJ is a walking database of information and analysis. She understands the history of Oklahoma, our policies/laws, and how these factors impact our daily lives. With this knowledge, she weaves wisdom that is deeply invested in humanity thinking and without prejudice. This natural ability allows her to easily identify and offer resolutions that push against the harmful factors that impact historically overlooked and ignored communities. KJ is the total package. It is with great honor that I endorse KJ McKee for City Council District 4. She is an amazing listener, vested in humanity thinking, and has the knowledge and wisdom to shift the future of Tulsa, Oklahoma.



Kara Joy is one of the best active listeners I have ever met. Not only is she a compassionate and empathetic ear, she will meet you half way to hear you and help in whatever way possible. She regularly self educating and always doing what she believes to be in the best interest of the community, rather than just herself as many candidates often do. Kara Joy has my vote and if District 4 wants a real representative of the people in our district regardless of your background, she is the best candidate.



Kara Joy is smart, passionate and reasonable. She can pivot and change her mind as she gets new information. I feel that so many of our elected officials are not able to pivot even when things change and this is one of her strengths. I admire her ability to gracefully handle uncomfortable situations by finding common ground. Above all, Kara Joy cares about people.



Kara Joy’s experience as a lifelong community leader and a brilliant public policy expert make her uniquely qualified to serve as District 4’s City Councilor. I’ve known her for nearly 10 years and she remains the most genuine, proactive person I’ve ever met. If all that sounds too good to be true, then you probably haven’t met KJ in person— she is the real deal, folks. I’m voting for Kara Joy because I know she will amplify her constituents’ voices in order to strengthen and unite Tulsa.



I have known Kara Joy through many different endeavors. I have first hand watched the way she makes her goals and dreams come to fruition through hard work and perseverance. She is really great at motivating and mobilizing people to take action. She has been a powerful voice for others when they don’t have one. She has been incredibly diligent to help make a positive difference in Oklahoma over the years; which has led to a stronger sense of community. I strongly believe there is no other person that would be more qualified to represent District 4 as City Councilor.



KJ’s passion for and commitment to improving life for all Oklahomans have been obvious to me since I met her a few years ago and saw her work with Together Oklahoma. I know she cares deeply about citizen engagement, which is a great trait in any elected representative. As a District 4 resident and homeowner, I’m excited to see what she can do for our city and for our district in particular!



Kara Joy has been knocking doors for nearly a year, eagerly engaging with and listening to the ideas and concerns of people in every part of our district. She is genuinely invested in the health, safety, and prosperity of all Tulsans. If elected, she will be Tulsa’s only full time city councilor, devoting her time to keeping Tulsans informed on city issues and working hard to bring communities together. She will also use her position to advocate for increased funding for public education on the state level. KJ has the policy experience, people skills, determination, and heart to make a great city councilor.



By far one of the smartest, most passionate people I know. Dedicated to making our city and state better and building an Oklahoma that we can, as individuals driven by conscience and pragmatism, be proud of. She is honest, hardworking and compassionate, and I can think of none better to move our city into the future without sacrificing the values that make us who we are.



KJ is deeply knowledgeable about the politics and policies of Oklahoma, and incredibly devoted to the city of Tulsa. She has a unique and important vision for the pivotal area that is District 4… creating a downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods that reflect a spirit of diversity, inclusion, and growth. I trust KJ to create the change on a city level that will lead to a better state, country, and world. Vote for KJ!



We need leadership on the council that is conscientious, engaged with the community, and fully committed to bettering the prospects for Tulsa’s families. Without a doubt, that is KJ.



Kara Joy is a genuinely caring person. She is a dedicated, hard working Tulsan, and has the brain power to get things done!



I have known Kara Joy McKee for many years. She is motivated to transform Tulsa into a shining 21st Century city using sound governing principles that will benefit every Tulsan. Her energy, enthusiasm, and work ethic are second to none. There is no question she has already made Oklahoma a better place through her work on legislative issues at the state capitol. This experience more than qualifies her to be a Tulsa City Councilor.



I have seen from KJ’s actions that she truly wants to speak with every resident and business owner in the district to find out what they need and what she could do as a councilor to improve Tulsa. She is out in the community every day, and I know she will continue to listen and work diligently for our best interests as a councilor. She knows that actions on the local level can have a huge impact. KJ is smart, friendly, reasonable, and thoughtful, and I would be thrilled to have her represent me.



Kara Joy McKee first impressed me when we were students at the University of Oklahoma together about 20 years ago. I noticed how she doesn’t forget or exclude anybody. And I know that she will include all of the diverse people who live in district 4 in her decisions on the City Council. Kara Joy is genuine, smart, capable, and hard-working, and she will put people first. While other members and candidates from this district have historically prioritized business ultimately for personal benefit or for the benefit of a small group of privileged people, I know Kara Joy will always work to expand access to beneficial services for all people. Kara Joy is the type of leader who will lift up others, and we need her in local politics now more than ever.



Kara Joy is positive, kind, enthusiastic, compassionate, creative, smart, and hard working. I love how she is open to new ideas and listens to everyone’s concerns. Tulsa needs a candidate who cares, listens, and reaches out to the people. That is why I am voting for KJ McKee.



I’ve seen politicians all the way from Judge Woodrow W. Bean to Hillary Clinton, and Kara Joy is the Real Deal. We need her loud voice on our local City Council because she speaks for the Folks.



KJ has the knowledge, the ideas and, most importantly, the compassion to help bring Tulsa forward and build it up into the city it needs to be to thrive in the modern world, in a healthy, constructive way. She works hard, and has sight on what’s most important–the people of Tulsa, and not monied interests that have turned our state and city politics into a morass of corruption. When KJ says she’ll put her constituents first, I know she speaks the truth.



Kara Joy is not only passionate about helping her community, young and old with all the real issues that affect us in our daily lives, such as road conditions and schools, but brings about innovative solutions for these things based on compassionate listening to people and their needs. What can I say, we need KJ in district 4!



One of the first things about KJ I noticed upon meeting her was her positive energy and ability to propel a conversation to a beneficial conclusion. I feel that it’s her innate sense of communal responsibility and compulsion to remedy a situation that is within her grasp that has not only led to her run for office but also what will make her a great civil leader once she is elected. I wholeheartedly throw my support behind her as a community leader in the district I’m proud to call home. I know she will enthusiastically put all of her energy into making District 4 a great place to live for everyone of every socio-economic background and contribute to making Tulsa a beacon of progress for other cities around the world.



I believe Kara Joy truly understands what it means to be an excellent public servant. She is a great listener, genuinely cares about people, and has the best interest of our city at heart. Her extensive knowledge of policy and experience working in state politics make her highly qualified to tackle all the potential issues our growing city might face. I have no doubt that she will go above and beyond to represent the people of District 4 and advocate for a high quality of life for all Tulsans.



I want to urge those whom I know to support Kara Joy McKee. Having listened to both candidates speak, and looking at their work history (both admirable in their dedication to our city and state), I think Kara Joy brings more to our Council. And as a feminist dude, in an era of where women are still fighting the fights my blessed mother was fighting back in the fifties (and beyond Kara Joy’s skills, education and experience), I think we need a City Council with more women than we’ve had rather than fewer. So, that said, please think carefully. Please vote no matter what. And if you see fit, please support Kara Joy McKee.



Kara Joy is a smart, thoughtful leader that wants the same Tulsa I want to live in.



Kara Joy’s passion for listening to and working for the residents of District 4 is unquestionable, and her enthusiasm is infectious.



KJ is one of the smartest people I know. She has thought deeply about public policy, and can offer common sense solutions that will make our city a better place. She has a deep sense of morality and social justice, and an awareness that a budget is always a moral document. And perhaps most importantly, she is one of the kindest people I know. She wants to know people, wants to listen to their problems, and wants to take multiple viewpoints into account. She would be a true uniter for this city.



I am excited about Kara Joy running for City Council. She has worked to serve the needs of Oklahomans & Tulsans for many years. She loves Tulsa and has used the platforms she has available to endorse and improve the lives of our city’s residents.



The first time I met Kara Joy, she said something I’ve heard few other politicians say: “Government should not be run like a business.” That’s all it took, because it demonstrated that humanity, not efficiency, was her core value.



I met Kara Joy at a candidate training, and I quickly understood that she genuinely cares about Tulsans and the future of Tulsa. I was born in Tulsa myself in St. Francis and my family still lives in Tulsa. I trust Kara to represent my family and continue Tulsa’s progressive trajectory.



Real positive change to implementation of successful economic growth and amazing opportunity for handling all concerns for the people with expertise, fairness and equality for all. Kara Joy will make a great addition for changing the political Oklahoma landscape for the better to help move all of is forward!



I have known KJ since she was a child. She was friends with my daughter growing up. I have also followed her career as an adult and been have been amazed and proud. She is dedicated, courageous and totally honest. She sincerely works to make the lives of people better.



I’m totally confident that Kara Joy McKee will help Tulsa eliminate the health disparities and inequities in education, housing, and economic opportunities which are a cause for disillusionment and anger on the part of many Tulsans. I’m certain that she will be a champion for community policing and addressing racial bias among all city workers through evidence-based practices and training. I know she knows how to negotiate and cooperate and build successful teams of people from all walks of life. She is compassionate, curious, caring, creative, and committed and will make a fantastic city counselor!



Kara Joy McKee will make an amazing City Councilor. She has the knowledge, skills, and motivation to help ALL Tulsans. I have seen her work tirelessly as an advocate to fight for equitable funding for core social services. As an educator, I am thankful that Kara Joy understands that successful students need excellent teachers, as well as wrap around supports and access to opportunities. I know that she will work diligently to ensure that every child in Tulsa has access to an incredible education.



I’ve known Kara Joy since she knocked my door in April. She stood in my front yard talking to me about her commitment to public service and Tulsa – my hometown. She has attended my precinct meetings in an effort to personally reach out to voters. She is a kind, caring and compassionate person. I have gotten to know her well by working with her throughout her campaign. She impressed me when we discussed her experiences at The OK Policy Institute. She has carefully studied policy and it’s effect on Tulsa as well as Oklahoma. Kara Joy McKee is exactly the person I want representing me to the City Council. That’s why I hope you will join me in voting for Kara Joy McKee, City Council, District 4.


I had the honor to work with KJ while I was serving as executive director for the Oklahoma chapter of The National Association of Social Workers. We met on several occasions to discuss, strategize, and plan for a comprehensive budget, support for public education in Oklahoma. We also worked together on policy issues that affected working families, veterans, the elderly, and disabled. KJ cares deeply for those affected by poor policies, she sees the bigger picture, and resolves to find better ways to help improve outcomes for Oklahoma citizens. Her energy is boundless, she believes in hearing all sides to issues, working toward common goals. Her skills in working with diverse populations were enhanced while working with Oklahoma Policy Institute, and she continues to apply those skills in community projects. KJ would be an excellent member of the Tulsa City Council!


I have known Kara Joy McKee for nearly 20 years, and I can honestly say that I have always known her to be striving to make the world a better place. She is dedicated to improving the lives of all people. She is willing to be a voice for the people she represents, and she is equally enthusiastic about engaging the community in the democratic process.


I have known Kara since our time as undergrads at OU which is more years than I care to add up. As long as I’ve known her, Kara’s level of civic engagement and commitment to justice remain what I remember her most for. She will be an awesome councilor.


Kara Joy is one of the most genuine and warm hearted people that I have ever met that has taken a passionate interest in community and public service. She is trustworthy and searches for ways to listen and listen for the needs of her community and what might benefit the greater good for the state of Oklahoma as well. District 4 will be greatly served by electing Kara Joy McKee!


KJ is welcoming, approachable, intelligent, and kind. I say kind because it’s a looked over but much needed trait in Leadership right now. I do not know a day that I’ve known KJ and her not take other people’s feelings and situations into consideration. Tulsa needs mindful leaders like KJ.


I met KJ several years ago. She has been a mentor to many as they learn how to be active in their local and state politics. KJ will listen to her constituents and advocate for city policies for them. KJ started out going to Norman city council meetings years ago and understands the political process.


I met Kara Joy while in line to vote. As a private citizen, she has done more for her community than most elected officials. I have no doubt that she will devote all of her positive energy and considerable talents to bettering the lives of her constituents and all Tulsans as City Councilor.


Having known KJ for a number of years, I have seen her collaborative leadership style in action while working on projects to improve our community. I have witnessed her seeking and listening to varying viewpoints, from as many people as possible, in order to craft good and fair decisions pertaining to public policy. I know KJ to be a smart, dedicated advocate for the improvement of Tulsa, as well as Oklahoma. KJ possesses the essential qualities needed to be a great City Councilor and is why I will be voting for Kara Joy for the City Council District 4 position.


I met Kara Joy in a bi-partisan group Together Ok about 3 years ago. Kara Joy defines the very epitome of leadership: inclusive, inspiring, energetic, determined, excellent communicator, caring, responsible and transparent. I could go on. District 4 is incredibly lucky to have her as a citizen, and would be in great hands if she is chosen.


I met Kara Joy about two years ago when I attended an event she was hosting. Her enthusiasm and conviction convinced me to step out of my comfort zone and to try to make a our state better by advocating for solutions at the State Capitol and motivating others to do the same. She changed my life and set me on a new path. These same characteristics can help create a better Tulsa as well. She did amazing things here in Norman. We miss her but look forward to her accomplishments for your city. PLEASE VOTE FOR KJ!


With her experience and enthusiasm, Kara Joy is a great choice to be a part of leading Tulsa forward. She has a passion for the people of Oklahoma and will represent those she serves with a true and honest voice.


I only just met KJ, but she impressed me with her energy and dedication to her cause. As a politician myself, I know what it means to fight for your views no matter what the odds. Trust KJ, I am sure she won’t disappoint you.


KJ is willing to put in the time and energy to help create a better environment for the children, the elderly and everyone in between. She is a problem solver with amazing strength and will. I believe that she will only improve this district and this great city.


Dedication is KJ’s middle name! District 4 will be lucky to have her on our side!


Kara Joy is amazing, she gives everything her all and if she’s half as good a councilwoman as she is a friend the people of Tulsa will be lucky to have her represent them.


Kara Joy is Brilliant & Compassionate! My vote goes to Kara!


I have followed Kara Joy’s career from OK Policy Institute through Together Oklahoma and know she is intelligent, caring, and has the right stuff. She will represent District 4 with integrity and work for what is best for all of its residents.


KJ is one hard working woman. She is compassionate and caring. District 4 will be well represented by Kara Joy McKee.


I have known Kara Joy for ten years and have seen her lift up community organizations in Oklahoma to perform at their best to meet the needs of Oklahoma citizens. She’s a natural leader with a good heart.


Kara Joy has been great to work with over the years, a natural leader, patient and caring.


KJ will make an awesome City Councilor for our district because she cares about how policies affect people, not just businesses. She is empathetic, a great listener, and will work for the people of District 4.


KJ impressed me through her work at Together Oklahoma. She is passionate about deeply understanding the issues, finding solutions that can work for Oklahoma and making Tulsa a better place to be. Kara Joy is driven, responsive and accountable!


Fantastic woman. I’ve followed her career for years and am excited to know that she is going to be running for public office.


We need smart, energetic, honest and open minded people on our city council in Norman! Please come back here and run so we can vote for you!


Kara Joy has tirelessly committed herself to worthy causes her entire adult life. She is a great listener and willing to go the extra mile to make sure all voices are heard and all issues are thoroughly studied before making any decisions. She relentlessly researches topics up for discussion on the current council agenda. She is a thoughtful listener and has no direct ties to special interests that could sway her vote. I trust her instincts and know that she will put the needs and welfare of all Tulsan’s above the wants of select groups.


Kara Joy McKee is as down to earth as they come. Not only is she personable and relatable, she is also very knowledgeable and passionate. I am so happy she is running for public office and believe she will be a great attribute to our community. Good luck, KJ! You have my vote!


Kara Joy McKee is a brilliant, dedicated civil servant who desires nothing but the best services for her community. With wisdom, good common sense, and a desire to see improvements made in the delivery of public services, you can depend on her to represent our interests with honor, integrity, and hard work.


Kara Joy has the experience to advocate for the people of District 4, the understanding of how to make Tulsa a better place, and the courage to stand up for what is right in the Tulsa City Council. So many times the decisions in City Hall have been about “good economics,” rather than the people of Tulsa. I believe Kara offers something different. KJ has a strong sense of community and that is what makes her candidacy so different. It is time for the City Hall to be about people and about community!


KJ is committed to responsive city government, community across generations, and safe communities.


Kara Joy continuously impressed me with her approach to problem solving, especially in the way she listens to people’s concerns and addresses them. As a City Councilor, I know she will apply this great skill of hers to the city’s challenges. I know that she is deeply committed to Tulsa and its citizens, and I have absolutely no qualms about endorsing her.


Kara Joy is not only qualified, but has spent the bulk of her adult life advocating for policies that will both provide reasonable assurance of safety, equality, affirmation, and economic and progressive ideas.


Kara Joy combines pragmatism with passion in a way that results in the most equitable outcomes for people.


Kara Joy is one of the most committed and passionate people I’ve ever known. In the 6+ years that I’ve known her, she is always coming up with new and innovative ideas to better her community. Kara Joy is the absolute best person for the job!


Kara Joy is a genuine person, who really cares about her community. It would be amazing to elect someone who really wants to make our city great for all of us.


Kara Joy has the experience to help advance Tulsa.


Kara Joy is a passionate woman who will fight until the end for what she considers the right thing. But she always makes sure to look into the pros and cons.


KJ is amazing, smart, and she wants the best for Tulsans!


I think KJ can help Tulsa become a more innovative, friendly, inclusive city!


I’m proud to have voted for her in August, and I look forward to voting for her again in November!


KJ is committed to representing ALL of District 4.


Kara Joy is the real deal who believes in bringing all voices to the table. She won the 2011 City of Norman – Human Rights Award. The award goes to those who have done the most to help marginalized people. Kara Joy’s compassion is not driven by personal self-interest or corporate greed. She wants everyone to have a say in our district and in the city of Tulsa.


I’m so excited to vote for my friend Kara Joy McKee for Tulsa City Council District 4. She listens with intent, has incredible experience in outreach and advocacy and really cares for Tulsa’s district 4. Friends, if you want to know more about why I’m voting for Kara Joy please feel free to reach out to me and also go like her page!


Kara Joy is a perfect example of the best and brightest in Tulsa: Someone who devotes their skills and energy to helping others, no matter their background. She has a love for others and wants to see them do well. I don’t know KJ personally, but she really impresses me. I don’t think we can go wrong backing this extraordinary-yet-humble candidate.


KJ isn’t afraid to speak up for what is right. She listens.


The voters of District 4 should vote for Kara Joy (KJ) McKee. She is another one of those candidates who has labored long and hard for the people in her district in her many roles. Among her noteworthy positions was leading the Together Oklahoma coalition for the Oklahoma Policy Institute. Her plan to communicate with district 4 is worth remembering since that is what she has spent her life doing.


McKee, a policy expert, local board member, and community organizer, has invested deeply in listening to the people of District 4 and garnering a deeper understanding of the needs of each and every citizen within the district. She debates passionately about combating inequity and building a Tulsa that is progressive, inclusive and works for every single citizen.


Sally’s List endorses Kara Joy McKee!